Team Member Spotlight – Gregg Jaroch

Gregg Jaroch brings 40 years experience as a consulting engineer to his work as Program Engineer for the LPI-IP. Since 2011, Greg provides third-party review of as-built documentation, submitted by installing contractors. He confirms that each lightning protection system is in compliance with national standards and applicable codes.

What’s one way the LPI-IP has stepped forward to the benefit of its contractors this year?
The addition of the online portal has further streamlined LPI-IP’s inspection and certification process. It acts as an online checklist, allowing anyone on the team to check on the review process and provide updates if needed. Contractors can submit the required documentation as it becomes available versus waiting for a complete submission at project completion.

Efficiency matters. Tell us more about that.
Time is money. We all win when tasks are completed better and faster. It’s satisfying to provide an online resource that dynamically assists the contracting industry in delivering superior products.

What is the lightning protection industry doing well?
Everyone knows there is lightning, but they probably don’t understand the true danger that exists. The LPI-IP and its affiliates provide a valuable resource for information on the dangers of lightning and how to protect what is important to you. That matters.

What’s important to you outside of work?  
Spending time at my lake house in northern Wisconsin with my wife, three kids, and granddaughter.