LPI Inspection Program

Inspections & Applications

LPI-IP spans the full spectrum of national standards. Our leadership team and inspectors are experts in the discipline, combining to deliver inspection, certification, specification, design consulting and review, interpretation and other services to meet the needs of property owners, architects, engineers, general contractors and homeowners.

LPI-IP has optimized every aspect of its customer service. We are nimble and responsive. Each LPI-IP professional is empowered and resourced to provide you the answers you need, when you need them. A sense of prudent urgency drives every interaction, from the application process to final certification. We transfer knowledge, strengthening our partnership with you.

Master Installation Certificate Inspection

This general certificate covers lightning protection systems for single structures, certifying compliance with the specified standards. A single structure encompasses all its connected parts, including common walls, firewalls, walkways and other elements.

Extended Master Installation Certificate Inspection

This inspection includes all aspects of the Master Installation Certificate Inspection. Additionally, it includes ground electrode resistance testing and continuity testing per specified military standards.

Reconditioned Master Installation Certificate Inspection

A general certificate covering systems previously certified with the LPI-IP Master Certificate or equivalent level. Structures having undergone alteration to square footage and/or footprint are ineligible for the reconditioned certificate, and require a new LPI-IP Master Certificate or Limited Scope Inspection.

Limited Scope Inspection

Limited Scope Inspections cover only a portion of a system, limited to that specified scope of work. They do not certify that an entire system or structure is in compliance with any national standard.

Deviation Appeal

For appealing deviations received during the inspection process.

Formal Interpretation

LPI-IP interprets national lightning protection standards, delivering an actionable plan to move you forward.