LPI Inspection Program

The Most Comprehensive 3rd Party Inspection Program
for the Lightning Protection Industry.

Embrace the Standard.

LPI-IP is the industry’s most comprehensive inspection program combined with intentional customer service that respects your time and sense of urgency.

Inspection and certification to comply with national standards has been reimagined throughout the entire process. From the first call or email, promptly answered, to the inspection and certification solutions and guidance we deliver, the complete experience is optimized for your benefit.
Embrace the Standard.

LPI-IP is the Lightning Protection Institute’s (LPI) Inspection Program.

The LPI-IP incorporates the national standards into a process that outperforms the others by requiring multiple checkpoints and photo verification to ensure accuracy. Here are just a few key checkpoints:

•Drawing Review by Engineers
•LPI-IP Onsite Inspection
•Photo Documentation Required for concealed portions of the system

Our inspection program was designed with the sole purpose to inspect lightning protection systems for every type of project homes to military. The LPI IP has received ISO/IEC 17020 Accreditation Inspection Body listing from ANAB, the ANSI National Board of Accreditation.

Inspection. Certification. Interpretation. Design Consulting & Review.


  • LPI- IP Master Installation Certificate
  • LPI- IP Extended Master Installation Certificate
  • LPI- IP Reconditioned Master Installation Certificate
  • LPI- IP Limited Scope Inspection


  • LPI-175
  • NFPA 780
  • UL96A
  • UFC 3-575-01
  • AFMAN32-1065
  • PAM 385-64
  • I cannot speak highly enough of the team at LPI-IP. They are knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. Before the Lightning Protection Institute Inspection Program, the options for project certification for lightning protection and grounding systems were limited. LPI-IP has created a streamlined process with clear communication from start to finish. Customer-focused support and a can-do attitude sets LPI-IP apart from their competitors, and we greatly appreciate the effort that they put forth on each of our projects.

    Ian Sears

    Hicks Lightning Protection

  • What a great experience it has been using the Lightning Protection Inspection Program. Since the launch of the program in 2011, it has been the only inspection program we have used. LPI-IP offers our customers the most comprehensive inspection process available to them in the marketplace. The program allows us to assure our customers they are getting a certified system that will be inspected by a consistent, reputable third-party agency when we are finished with our work.

    Greg Fair

    Guardian Equipment Company

  • We’ve been using LPI-IP exclusively for the last three years. Even though there is more required, it is a very easy process. With the engineering review, pictures and inspection, it goes far beyond the competition. It’s also nice to support an organization that supports the industry.

    Bret Peifer

    Mr. Lightning

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